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Energy Exploration Geology

What is Energy Exploration Geology?

Finding resources like natural gas takes knowledge, skill, and expertise. The process of energy exploration geology allows professionals to look for, discover, and mine for natural energy resources like coal, oil, and gas. So, what is energy exploration geology and what does it entail? Read on to learn more about this unique industry and how it can help you.

  • Over the last 20 years, the concept of looking for natural gas and petroleum deposits has advanced dramatically thanks to new technology and methods. As the demand for natural gas and fossil fuels increases, the need for energy exploration geology has become greater than ever before.

  • In the past, the only way to find these resources was to look for evidence on the surface for any underground reserves or formations by identifying seepage of oil or gas that came up from underneath the earth.

  • Advanced tools and new geological maps have made it a bit easier for exploration to find everything from coal and methane to oil and gas. Using new techniques, we can find commercially viable resources in the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost possible.

  • At Teal Energy, we explore the South Texas area including Frio, Jackson, Queen City, and more. We’ve been looking for natural gas and other resources since 1998. We have a large 2D and 3D database and a large inventory of prospects in Duval, Jim Hogg, and Starr counties. We offer full presentations at our office in Houston, and PowerPoint summaries are also available upon request.

  • Our president John Glenn is a professional geologist, and we’re supported by a helpful team of professionals and administrative help to ensure that every transaction is performed professionally.

  • Using energy exploration geology allows investors, landowners, and prospectors to find the richest resources available for the most return.

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