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Hydrocarbon: Quick Facts

In order to support the immense needs of global energy production, hydrocarbons (a specific type of chemical compound) are used to provide the world with energy to run homes, businesses, and more. These chemical compounds are an important part of energy production; however, they are slowly being replaced by other alternatives. In order to understand its role in energy production, there are a few key facts about hydrocarbons that everyone should know. First, there are a wide variety of complex techniques and new technologies that have been developed to help extract hydrocarbons from deep within the earth.

Some of the largest companies in the world are hydrocarbon companies, primarily corporations that produce oil and gas for consumer and commercial use. Hydrocarbon is an important energy source, although many believe that it has a negative impact on the environment and may contribute to climate change. Many corporations are moving away from using hydrocarbons for energy and are gravitating toward solar, wind, nuclear, and geothermal energy for a cleaner, greener choice.

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